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    This is my first game. It's an endless runner called Railraze. The game is set in an anarcho-capitalist future where corrupt mega corporations rule. Infrastrucutre is based entirely around high-speed, magnetic monorail systems suspended in the sky. Enter the Railrazer: a lone cyborg pirate that makes her fortune by raiding the cargo of these all powerful mega corporations. Armed with only a plasma pistol, a shock saber and a pair of experimental magboots, our heroine sets out to plunder riches and sabotage the work of the evil mega corporations.

     The game-play is basic endless runner fare with sliding and gunning mechanics to spice things up. You can dash once in the air. If you destroy an object with a mid-air dash you can execute a double dash for extra air. Bombs can be destroyed by your gunfire and your dash. The objective of the game is to collect coins, destroy drones and gun turrets and break your past highscores.

    There's not much to it. This was mainly meant as a learning experience for me, but the current state of the game has entertained me enough through play testing for me to want to share. The game's only available on Windows and the controls can't be remapped - they are as follows.

     Z = fire

     X = dash

     C = crouch

    Spacebar = jump

    Escape = pause menu

    Enter = Start

    Up and down arrow keys to scroll through menus

    Please report any bugs you find. I may or may not fix them, but it will give me something to look out for in future projects.

Install instructions

I've uploaded a single .exe and a .zip - so pick which ever you prefer.


Railraze.exe 24 MB
Railraze.zip 27 MB

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